Just Sold in Sausalito! I’m so happy for my buyer client Lisa, who had been searching for a new home in Marin for months. We looked at all of the active listings, went to open houses every weekend, read numerous disclosure packages and debated making offers on many homes; her preferred location was southern Marin, but due to low inventory, she stretched her search parameters all the way up to San Rafael.  With a budget up to $1.3M, she was hoping to find something special, something that spoke to her in a unique way; but most of the listings we viewed were either pretty generic rancher-style homes that needed updating or else houses that were buried underneath the vast redwood forest of Mill Valley &/or not in a walkable location.  After a few months, she was getting frustrated and was considering renting instead; I was trying to think of ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions.  I asked every single Marin agent that I came across if they had any upcoming listings or off-market opportunities. One day I got a lead on an upcoming house for sale in Sausalito and even though it was tenant occupied, I was able to convince the other agent to let me preview it. I took a walk-through video for Lisa, and she immediately knew that she wanted the house. We made an offer right away at the seller’s asking price, and we got an acceptance.  After an extensive round of inspections, we were able to negotiate a bit of a price reduction; the tenant moved out, and now Lisa’s the proud owner of this gorgeous VIEW home, and it’s within walking distance to downtown Sausalito. Here’s a bit of an interesting bonus: the seller had passed along some history, and rumor is that this was once the home of Jerry Garcia’s girlfriend, way back when the band was hanging out in Marin.  I LOVE how everything came together with this deal, and my client is so very happy. Lesson learned: don’t give up, and always ask about pocket listings!