To all of my future seller clients out there, here’s a sincere promise:

I will NEVER tell another agent who wants to show your property that “nights don’t work for me” or “I have other obligations all week and I won’t be able to show this to you after 5pm at all.”

I just tried to make an evening appointment to show a listing here in SF; my buyer client works a 9-5 job and finds it difficult to get away during office hours, so we requested an evening showing.  When I called the listing agent to request an evening appointment, I was told that it “wouldn’t work for her.”  Really?!? What about doing all you can to sell the property? I’m shaking my head at this…has our market gotten certain agents LAZY because all they need to do is to put in the MLS and show it during tour and one open house and they get multiple offers? I wonder what her seller client would say if they knew that their listing agent only wanted to show the property on her schedule; I doubt that they would appreciate it.  What happened to WORKING to earn your commission?

Like Donald Trump says:  Listing Agent – “YOU’RE FIRED!”  & (hopefully, Donald) “I’m going to call Rebecca Brooks instead!!! :)”